GP Registrars

What is a GP Registrar?

A GP Registrar is a qualified doctor who is training to become a GP through a period of working and training in a practice. They will usually have spent at least two years working in a hospital before you see them in a practice and are closely supervised by a senior GP.

Why do they have to ask other GPs in the practice for advice?

There is a vast difference in the range and types of clinical cases and patients seen in general practice compared to hospital medicine. In a surgical job at the hospital, a doctor will only see surgical cases every day. In general practice an average clinic may consist of a general medical case, then an ill child, then a patient with a skin rash, a patient with depression etc. So there is a wide variety which can be quite challenging when you start in general practice. The GP registrars are encouraged to ask for help whenever they want for your safety and benefit so please be patient… Our registrars from August 2021 are:

Dr. Shepard

Dr. Kokumo

Dr. Mathew

Dr. Potter

Dr. Sissons